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we sell service & repair commercial espresso coffee machines commercial coffee grinders & related equipment. We supply barista tools and design solutions to the coffee service industry'

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From single group coffee machines for smaller outlets to full on 3 groups, all the machines we supply are recognized brands from long established manufacturers refurbished to a high standard. With years of experience in the coffee business behind the scenes and at the "coal face" we like to think we know a bit about the industry and what's needed when it comes to hard working equipment

Time is money

If the coffee isn't pouring the tills aren't ringing so we aim to keep you earning by ensuring all our machines are thoroughly tested

Experienced espresso machine engineers

Time served in servicing and refurbishing many brands of commercial espresso machine give us vast knowledge of the many systems in use today

Affordable service contract

Pay a small monthy subscribtion to have your equipment serviced twice yearly. Contact us to discuss your needs

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we offer some great affordable starter coffee machines on eBay. Take a look and let us know if we can help you with anything

Barista Training

"you can't make a bad coffee good, but you can make a good coffee bad"

perfect espresso/

So many variables go to make a perfect espresso. A knowledgable Barista is top of the list..

in house training/

If you prefer to be trained on the equipment you use we can arrange workplace or home training

Minimal Disruption/

Out of hours training so as not to get in the way of your daily business.

/Flat White

Learning the correct technique for texturing milk for great taste and impressive latte art

/Cupping & Tasting

A session trying different techniques & flavour profiles. taste how slight alterations can make a difference

/Coffee theory

Learn about the history of coffee how we got to the modern day popularity of the espresso and the future

Whether you already have a coffee business and want to brush up on techniques or if you're just starting out and want to get up to speed with the latest trends get in touch we can help

La Pavoni

We service & repair La Pavoni europiccola professional and Stradivari domestic machines aswell as the Gaggia G105/6. Visit our online shop for La Pavoni accessories and parts

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